Professional Website Translation Solutions


Midland Technical Translations (MTT) provide quality, bespoke website translation services for small, medium and large businesses.

Website translation forms a key part of the services offered by MTT and is a useful solution for anyone who has a website, or would like a website in any industry, particularly engineering or technical industries. We are a Global language service provider, with plenty of expertise in providing professional, highly efficient website translations, to allow organisations to reach new audiences online.

Our aim is always to produce translation perfection in every language. To do this, we work directly with you to understand the true meaning behind your content and translate this into online copy that reads well, engages customers and communicates your specific message.

Deliver valuable, locally relevant content on a Global scale

Good quality website translation is more than simply translating individual words on each page. We understand that your website has the potential to connect your business to multiple audiences around the world – when created with cultural awareness and linguistic proficiency.

We specialise in providing expert website translation solutions that can help to transform your website into a powerful selling tool, with professional content in every language.

We are able to help with:

  • Creating a new multilingual website from scratch
  • Creating a complete mirror site in a different language
  • Creating a smaller, language specific site to pair with an existing UK site

A ballpark quotation is provided based on the number of words required for translation, which we either gather from your existing website or base on your ideas for a new site. The quotation will also consider any other work you would like us to do, for example uploading the translated text to your existing website, localisation, SEO, hosting etc.

Effective online translation tailored for you

We are happy to work with your existing website providers and simply supply the translated text back for them to upload, or we can handle the complete project for you – creating a new site and populating it with the translated text.

As part of the service, we can subtitle any videos on the website, localise any imagery and also deal with keywords and domain names.

For further information on our experienced website translation services, based in the West Midlands, or to discuss your specific business requirements, please call us today on: 0844 856 1086 or email us at: