Professional website translation services from MTT

Why do I need a website translator?

Browsing the internet, whether for fun, research or to find a product or service to buy can be time consuming and tricky. As someone with something to sell, we need to make sure that the information on our website catches the interest of a reader and gets our message across quickly and accurately. If visitors to your site can’t read it easily, then they will be much less likely to spend time there, make an enquiry or buy your product or service! Potential customers viewing your website are far more likely to have a positive experience if they can easily understand site content, without the need to reach for a dictionary or the inaccuracies of Google Translate.

With most internet users not speaking English as their first language, it seems sensible to make sure that you are communicating in the same language as your target audience. Businesses that don't have translated versions of their website could stand to lose out in terms of customer volume and perceived image.

MTT’s website translation services cover two main areas:

  • translations of websites for customers wishing to understand a foreign site, generally for information purposes.
  • Translations of websites for customers wishing to sell their products and services to an overseas audience, whether they are outside the UK wanting to break into the English-speaking market or UK based and looking to sell abroad.

What industries need website translation?

MTT have completed document translation and website translation projects for a wide range of clients, including engineers, craft suppliers, furniture manufacturers, medical product companies, automotive companies, drilling products manufacturers, work safety equipment, finance companies, lawyers and more.

Our professional website translators are happy to work in our key specialist areas of technical translation, marketing translation and legal translation.

We have translated websites into many languages including German, Chinese, Arabic, French, Italian and Dutch.

Anyone with a website who wants to expand overseas or test the market can benefit from a website translation project.

What do I need to think about when translating a website?

When we look at translating a website into any language, there are many options available.

Things to consider:

  • Do I translate everything on my site or do I limit it to a few critical pages which can then be properly optimised?
  • Do I include things that change regularly like Blogs and News items, which would need regular translation updates?
  • Should I include downloads, videos or pdf documents – all these can be translated to add specialist content to your new site.
  • Are some pages not applicable eg Careers or UK-only services.
  • What should I do about contact details – can I handle enquiries in a different language?
  • Should I translate website terms and conditions and privacy policies?

The size of your budget may well determine the answer to some of these questions, but please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our team about what you are trying to achieve with a translated website. We can offer lots of advice on what might work best and discuss the options your budget might cover. We’re also happy to visit and have a face to face discussion about how we can make your website work well overseas.

So how do I work with my language company?

To offer a quotation, we need to agree with you exactly what content you need translating. Think about the points mentioned above and what’s going to be critical for you to start with. We can always add extra pages later once you have tested the waters and seen what works.

Ideally if you can provide this content in Word or Excel it’s then easy for us to quote for and translate.

If you can’t easily supply your content in this way, we can strip text from your existing site and use that as a basis for quoting. We will need to make sure we have collected everything you need, including meta data and image alt text for example, so we’ll send you a copy of what we have stripped for you to confirm you are happy with it before translation begins.

We’ll also need to know what target market you are trying to reach – will you need European Spanish or Latin American Spanish for example, are you looking to approach members of the public or trained engineers?

We’ll hand pick a team of professional mother-tongue translators with specialist experience in your field to carry out the translations for you. Any queries will be promptly dealt with by our project managers and we’ll make sure your project is delivered on time. We always work to high standards and are certified to ISO 9001– your guarantee of accuracy, prompt delivery and a professional service.

Once complete, your translations will be returned to you ready to upload to your site, or you can speak to our team about having us do this for you.

Find out more about the website translation packages we offer or contact us now to get the ball rolling. Getting your site translated might seem complicated but we’re here to help you every step of the way.