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10 things that make a good technical translation

10 things that make a good technical translation



Here are a few tips to help you get a good technical translation:


Research – Background information should be provided if possible and the equipment and how it operates should be thoroughly understood by the translator before beginning the translation assignment.

Units of measurement – These should be converted to suit the target country eg psi/bar, miles / km

Questions - The translator should ask questions if anything is unclear – someone’s safety may be at stake.

Clear writing style – The translation should read with a clear, unambiguous style, especially for instructions / safety information. Not all original manuals are well written with translation in mind, so expect questions if they are not.

Thorough checking – Making sure everything is correct with attention paid to the smallest details is essential to ensure accuracy.

Clear formatting – The document should be laid out in a way that makes the information clear to the reader. Make sure your original is clearly formatted with extra space allowed for the translated text if the target language is going to be longer than the original.

Preferred terminology - Customer-specific terminology should be used if available and all terminology should be used consistently.

Joined up thinking – If you have a manual and software for a piece of equipment, make sure the software (if translated) is available to the translator of the manual and vice versa.

Technical understanding – Use a qualified, mother-tongue technical translator with experience in the right fields.

Audience consideration – Bear in mind who is going to read the document – user, engineer, layperson, specialist – and translate accordingly in words they will understand.


If you have technical documentation to translate, get in touch with us now on 01562 748778 or

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