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Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customer feedback is at the core of what we do at MTT. Gaining valuable feedback on our translations allows us to assess where a project went well, or where there was room for improvement. Feedback from our clients also allows us to continue assigning linguists to clients who like their specific style, for instance for press releases or emailers, or to pair linguists with projects that suit their specific skillsets, such as software or chemical engineering.

On the rare occasions where something does go wrong, customer feedback is also crucial to our internal processes for assessing how we can improve. For instance, if a particular translator’s style isn’t appropriate for a task, we could try a different linguist on future tasks. Where mistakes are made, we also carry out an in-depth review with a second mother tongue linguist, who can offer valuable impartial feedback on the quality of the translation and help us to assess our next steps going forward with this client.

If we’ve carried out any translation work for you, do not hesitate to provide your feedback at, over the phone on +44 (0) 844 856 1086, or leave us a Google review to tell us how your translations went.

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