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Global Marketing Translations

Global Marketing Translations

Working with a translator to create a translation that is cognizant of its intended audience demonstrates a care and interest in the customer. Botched translations that have been thrown through an internet translator, or which literally translate slogans that only work in English, are unlikely to make the client feel valued.

A marketing translator needs more than just the skill of writing clearly in their mother tongue and in-depth subject knowledge. They also need an appreciation of what your audience is looking for, what triggers them to make a purchase, what the customs and traditions are in the target country, and what makes a good headline. These are the skills that you would expect from an English-speaking marketer, so working with a translator who can also provide these skills is essential to ordering a translation that satisfies your needs.

Collaborating with a professional mother-tongue linguist gives you the benefit of their experience in the market, cultural awareness, and creative flair to create marketing messages that really make a difference. This is especially important when bringing your product to a new market, where the words you use represent you, your products, and the services that you sell. It is for this reason that marketing translation is sometimes called ‘transcreation’ – taking a basic message from the original text and recreating something that shines as a standalone piece for the overseas country concerned. This can involve getting down to the very bones of what is needed, for instance looking at imagery and colours, which sometimes have to change to reflect different values and beliefs.

Overseas marketing, particularly if you want to translate a website, can be highly successful, but it can take a bit more time and effort to achieve this success. If you are looking at a new market or reviewing an existing one, get in touch now on or call +44 (0) 844 856 1086 and we can see how we can help your marketing copy stand out in translation.

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