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How to get the best out of working with a translation agency

How to get the best out of working with a translation agency

If you’re new to working with a translation agency, you’ll want to know how you can make the most of our services, to save time, money and hassle.

Here’s a quick list of what you can do to help your project run smoothly and efficiently, ensuring you get the best possible professional translation of your documents.


Ensure you give us the final version of the text – amendments made half way through a project can cause errors, waste time and be expensive. A clear copy of the final version ensures we know what we are working with and can select the best linguist to assist.

Know which languages are required – European Spanish or Mexican Spanish, Portuguese for Portugal or Brazil, Canadian French or European French, German for Austria or Germany? It makes a difference in many cases and helps us create copy that will work for you and your audience.

Provide your document in editable format if possible – providing a Word document can make the process easier and cheaper. We can handle most formats but if you can provide an editable format, it will speed up your project. It will also help us provide a quick, accurate quotation for you without the need to strip text out of a pdf. If you have an InDesign file to handle, we’d ideally like a pdf and an idml file to asses.

Tell us your deadline – if you can, let us know right at the start when you need the document delivered for, so we can work with you to make sure we deliver in time for your important meeting or conference.

Let us know who will be reading your document – if we know who the intended audience is, we can adapt the style if needed or make sure we explain any acronyms which the reader may not be familiar with.

Mention what you need the translation for – as above, is the document needed for a meeting, publication, internal review, general information. If you intend publishing the text we recommend proofreading, either by someone in your company who is appropriately qualified, or by a second linguist.

Budget – let us know if you have a budget to meet as there are various ways we may be able to help. For example we could translate the most important parts of the text for you.

Who can we contact if there’s a query – let us know who we can talk to for any queries - ideally the person who wrote the document or understands what it is needed for.

Background information – do you have any previous translations, style guides, term lists, glossaries etc which may help us maintain the style or terminology you need?


If you can help us by having this information ready from the start, your chosen translation agency can provide a better service, more quickly and more effectively, saving you time and money.

If you have something to translate, get in touch with us now on or call 0844 856 1086 and we’ll be delighted to help or offer advice. All quotations are free and we’d love to have a chat.


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