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Interpreters for business meetings

Interpreters for business meetings

Interpreters cost money – so why should you have one?

When you’re looking at an overseas project, perhaps for the first time, you’ll want to keep a tight rein on expenses which can quickly spiral out of control. If you’re preparing to go to a trade fair, a meeting or to receive a visiting delegation to your site, booking an interpreter can seem like an unnecessary expense, particularly if your counterparts or one of your own colleagues has some language proficiency.

Why then should you consider arranging a professional interpreter?

  1. Ensured quality

Even the most experienced colleague won’t be able to produce a consistently high level of quality interpreting over the day – professional interpreters do this day in day out, and are much less likely to suffer from the mental fatigue which can set in after a few hours of intense interpreting.

  1. Culturally correct

Your interpreter will help ease the flow of a meeting where two different cultures come together – bridging the gap and helping you avoid awkwardness or inadvertently offending or misunderstanding the other side.

A neutral standpoint can be beneficial, you may choose to brief your interpreter before and after the meeting to get their view on any cultural issues.

  1. Specialisation

A professional interpreter is exactly that - a professional who is well prepared and familiar with the specialist terminology you may need. They will have specialist experience, meaning you won’t have to put the meeting on hold while they research terms.

  1. Time

Having a professional meeting interpreter can give you time to think. If you have some language proficiency and can follow the discussion, waiting for interpretation gives you a few extra moments to compose your answers.

  1. Clarity

Having an interpreter allows you to speak in your native language, ensuring you express yourself succinctly. Professional interpretation can help minimise costly misunderstandings.


 If you are considering a meeting or event where an interpreter could help, please get in touch on It may well cost less than you think and save you time and money.

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