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Marketing translations for technical products – it’s what we’re good at

Marketing translations for technical products – it’s what we’re good at

Selling your highly technical products overseas can be tricky – you’ve got a cutting-edge, hi-tech product which needs to make the right impact with a specialist audience. How do you make sure your marketing messages are both technically accurate and make the right impression?

MTT have been translating technical PR and associated technical manuals for over 35 years – technical document translation is something we’ve got a real feel for, whether it’s instructions or your latest high profile marketing campaign.

Specialist translations for technical products

Just a few of the areas we regularly work in:

  • automotive
  • laboratory equipment
  • industrial motors and drives
  • automation
  • forensic equipment
  • chemicals
  • precision engineering
  • hydraulics
  • logistics
  • engineering
  • manufacturing
  • industrial batteries and energy storage
  • instrumentation

How do you ensure you get a good translation when you translate a technical document for marketing purposes?

Our first aim is to make sure our professional translators have a real understanding of your products. We like to have a technical contact at your company to ensure our translator can clear up any ambiguities in the text for translation, can understand what message is important for your audience and what style would be appropriate for them.

All our linguists are mother-tongue speakers, meaning that the marketing translations for technical products that we provide are written in a language that your reader will be familiar with, not in a stilted, ungrammatical or awkward style.

The translators we work with have experience and qualifications in technical fields, some are ex engineers others have a lifetime’s expertise of translating technical copy for a demanding audience. You’ll find they are familiar with a wide range of equipment and devices, will ask informed questions and it’s even not unusual for them to spot errors in the original text.

Brochures, flyers, website or press releases can be translated with creative flair, alongside more formal translations of technical manuals, datasheets, instructions, user guides or FAQs for the end user.

This creative flair that’s needed to create an impactful piece of PR or advert is an additional skill which not every translator will possess. Selecting the right person for the job is critical, and with over 35 years’ experience we feel we know the strengths and preferred subjects of our team of linguists well. We’ll know exactly who can make your copy zing or who could provide that authoritative tone of voice that your audience prefers to hear.

Languages offered

MTT provide marketing translations in all commercial languages, from French and German to Chinese or Russian. Familiarity with the way products are marketed and sold in your target country can make the difference to the success of your marketing campaigns – a professional translator can offer much more than just a straightforward conversion of a text into another language.

How do I find out more?

Talk to us today to find out how you can get your technical marketing materials translated to make the best impact possible. Call us now on 0844 856 1086 or email Advice and quotations are offered free of charge – we’d love to talk to you about what you want to achieve!

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