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Using subtitles to make the most of your video resources

Using subtitles to make the most of your video resources

If you’re spending time and resources creating a video to promote your company or to explain how to use a product, you really want to make the best use possible of the film you have created.

You might want to consider adding subtitles or closed captions to the video – they can be less expensive than a voiceover and can help you gain new viewers and better Google rankings!

First – a definition:

Subtitles – these are always visible, and are usually just a transcription or translation of the speakers voices on the film

Closed captions – these can be turned on or off by the viewer, and can also include notes on audio cues or descriptions of sound effects for example. They are mainly intended to assist deaf viewers.


Benefits of using subtitles/closed captions:

  • Subtitles tend to be cheaper than voiceovers – they are easier to prepare and can be added in any language depending on your target audience.
  • Subtitles mean a video can be followed even if the sound is not turned on.
  • Videos benefit from subtitles and transcription even without translation, because it helps search engines understand what your video is about and produces supporting text content.


There are many programs available which help you prepare your own subtitles, however there are some things to be careful of – getting professional help is advisable.

Transcription accuracy needs to be flawless to prevent errors from propagating to multiple languages. We recommend reviewing the English transcript carefully prior to submitting it for professional translation.

It can sometimes be tricky to make subtitles fit if the translated language is longer – a good translator / subtitler can take this into account.

Remember to include any on-screen words if they are important!


I’ve got a video – how do I get subtitles?

Get in touch with us on or call us on 0844 856 1086 and let us know what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll need a link to the video, a transcript if you have one and some idea of your timescale to prepare a quotation.


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