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Virtual Stands and Digital Twins

Virtual Stands and Digital Twins

With virtual and hybrid exhibitions allowing people from all around the world to participate at conferences and events, being able to reach a global audience is incredibly important.


At Midland Technical Translations, we have a wealth of experience providing translations for virtual exhibition stands, making sure you can market yourself with ease to any potential customers. Our recent projects have involved translating signage, leaflets and brochures for the virtual stands and digital twins of physical stands created by V-Ex, one of our partner companies within the Marketing + Technologies Group. 


Digital twins of physical stands enable you to add year-round value to your existing stand, allowing 24/7 access to visitors from around the world. Hosted on the V-Ex platform, a host of statistics can be provided on visitor interest and engagement. With translations of all your materials, visitors can be encouraged from across the globe.


We can also provide subtitles or voiceovers for any video materials you may need on your stand, and translate press releases and social media promotional posts leading up to and following on from the event.


If you’d like to learn more about what we and V-Ex can do, get in touch with our friendly team now on +44 1562 748 778 or send us an email on

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