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When do we say no to a job?

When do we say no to a job?

It’s not often that we say no to a job, but sometimes we may need to decline a translation or interpreting request. Usually, this can be down to:

Poor quality of the files – Sometimes scanned copies of files can be difficult or even impossible to read (something that might not be obvious to you if you don’t speak the language needing to be translated). In this case, we usually ask that you provide a better copy and then we can resolve the issue.

Too short a timescale – At MTT, we use talented mother-tongue linguists and try not to use machine translation where possible. Even the best linguist usually only translates roughly 2000 words a day, so we may need to discuss your timescale with you in more detail if need be. Accepting unrealistic timescales would have a negative effect on our translators’ output and our in-house quality checks – a rushed job is always more prone to having mistakes slip through the cracks. We pride ourselves on two in-house checks, where we can make sure that your file is professionally presented and perfect for the job at hand. The assumption that good quality translations can be done instantaneously also damages the profession as a whole, underestimating the time and care that producing a quality translation takes.

Too short notice (interpreting) – While we always do our utmost to try and match interpreters for any short-notice appointments we receive, but we cannot guarantee interpreter availability. This is because our team of interpreters are freelancers, and so their diaries can get booked up in advance. Travelling at short notice can also be a barrier to attending an appointment, even if the interpreter in question is available. While they may be in the area, they may not be able to get to the appointment in time. However, we are always happy to provide interpreters if the appointment can be rescheduled to a later date or you might like to consider a remote interpreter if your meeting is urgent.

Lack of resources – On the (very rare!) occasion that we can’t find a linguist for the language combination or subject matter you’ve requested, we’ll try to put you in contact with a different reputable Language Service Provider who may be able to offer the services you need.

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