BlogBosses BlogWhy would I need a foreign language voiceover?

Why would I need a foreign language voiceover?

Why would I need a foreign language voiceover?

Your first thought might be “Surely it’s going to cost a lot and most of my target audience speak at least some English – they just want to look at the product and see how it works.”

The benefits of a foreign language voiceover may not seem obvious to start with, but there might be a case for considering one. The ability to see a product being demonstrated in a video is one we all expect from websites these days, but how important is any text on the screen or voiceover?

One way of making your video more accessible to a foreign speaker is to use subtitles, but then you have distracted the viewer’s attention from the video action and your message might lose impact. This might work well for videos where no product detail is being shown or where there is just a little speech when demonstrating a feature for example. But for demonstrations where the visual images are important subtitles can prove distracting.

Getting a professional quality native speaker to create a voiceover doesn’t take the viewer’s attention away from the message and can be surprisingly cost effective, depending on the length and quality of the video in question.

There are a great many voice talents available, both male and female and we can select one to suit your company preferences.

Recordings can be made either in home studios or in our in-house film studio and returned as .wav or .mp3 file for you to sync with your video file, or we can do that for you.

If you have a video for your website or a presentation, why not find out if a voiceover would help to bring your information to a new audience. Contact us now on 01562 748778 or

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