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Around the World at Easter

Around the World at Easter

The Easter egg is a huge part of Easter celebrations in the UK. Representing new life, decorating Easter eggs (or eating lots of chocolate ones) is an unquestioned part of Easter.

But how do Easter celebrations look around the world?

In Bessières, a village in the south of France, 15,000 eggs are used to create a giant omelette on Easter Monday. In 2016, it took 50 volunteers an hour and a half just to prepare them all! Though the event dates back to 1973, it supposedly commemorates a visit by Napoleon, where he asked the village to feed his army a giant omelette.

In the US, an annual Easter egg roll is held on the lawn of the White House on Easter Monday. An event usually organised by the First Lady, children are encouraged to roll an egg along the grass with a spoon.

Easter traditions have also been an opportunity to raise awareness. For instance, in Australia some chocolatiers make Easter bilbies, instead of Easter bunnies. The money raised by the chocolates goes to conversation efforts for the endangered species. Swapping the traditional Easter bunny for the bilby also helps to raise awareness of native wildlife, as feral rabbits are an invasive species in Australia.

MTT wishes everyone celebrating a very happy Easter.

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