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Machine Translation and Post-Editing

Machine Translation and Post-Editing

Machine translation with post-editing for tight timescales

Our client is responsible for sales, installations and training on forensic science technology for police and crime laboratories.

Our client needed their latest user manual translated for a product that was being made available in Germany. However, the deadline was exceptionally tight, meaning that our usual approach of using professional human mother-tongue translators wouldn’t meet the timescale required.

At MTT, we were able to propose a raw machine translation, so that the project could be completed within the time available. However, to ensure that quality and consistency were maintained (since machine translations can vary enormously in their outputs) we also ensured that the raw machine translation was post-edited to check for errors.

As a result, our client was able to meet their deadline with a translation that they knew had been quality checked by professional mother-tongue linguists.

While we always aim to use human linguists on translation projects, our client can now rest assured that, where needed, a post-edited machine translation can also provide suitable quality when timelines don’t allow for a full translation process.

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