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Translating User Guides

Translating User Guides

If a product is sold in multiple markets, translations of any documentation will be needed for these users. When thinking about ordering your translation, it is also useful to think about the ways you can make the translator a part of your team.

We only use mother-tongue translators who are specialised in technical translations, making them perfect for understanding the technical content in user guides and for making sure that the translation is suited to your target market’s needs.

But how can you better incorporate translators into the process of translating your user guides?

One step can be to provide the translator with supplementary materials, such as images or diagrams. Technical writers have to understand the product fully to describe how to use it. For a translator, who might only have a written description, images, diagrams or videos can help them better understand the particular product’s features and bring this knowledge into their translation.

If you already have translations that you were happy with for related products, these can also be used by the translator to get a better idea of the style or specific terminology that you prefer. This ensures you have a translation that is both fit for purpose and meets your stylistic needs.

To discuss how we can help you translate a user guide, get in touch on or give us a call on +44 (0) 844 856 1086

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