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Translating technical manuals

Translating technical manuals

When it comes to producing technical manuals for a global market, translations play a crucial role in the distribution and use of products around the world. Ensuring that the translation is of a quality suitable for both the client and the end-user is therefore of the utmost importance.

Since technical manuals often contain specialised terminology, a translator must be an expert in the field they are translating. They need to have a firm understanding of the specialised information they are translating and know the corresponding terms in their target language. Often, there is no room for error, as a bad translation could endanger the end-user.

Working with a specialised translator can also be a valuable opportunity to improve the source language manual. Because of the close attention to detail and word meaning that is required in translation, translators are often able to spot inconsistent or unclear elements of the source text that might not be noticeable to the writers and editors of the document. In this way, manuals can be made clearer and more understandable for all users, not just for other markets.

At MTT, we are devoted to matching your projects with translators who are specialised in your field. Some of our translators are ex-engineers, or specialise in fields such as automation or robotics, meaning you can trust that your translator has the subject-specific expertise to cater to your needs.

Contact us now on to discuss how we can help you get the best possible technical translations for your business.

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