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What are translators' skills?

What are translators' skills?

Our translators bring more than just their linguistic capabilities to their job. At MTT, we only use mother-tongue translators, meaning that all of our translators have in-depth knowledge of not only their native language, but also its culture and society. This helps them to pick up on the minute details that could cause problems in the target language – some previous examples have included names taking on unfortunate meanings, or slogans needing to be crafted into an equivalent that works better in translation.

Our translators also have excellent industry experience outside of their language skills. Most of our translators have worked in other industries, meaning they can bring expert knowledge to their translations. Some of our translators are ex-solicitors, others have worked in the pharmaceutical, engineering and medical professions, which enables us to match translation projects with linguists who have the perfect skillset.

If you need carefully crafted translations by industry experts and mother-tongue linguists, contact MTT for a free no-obligation quote today.

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