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Technical Press Releases

Technical Press Releases

Sometimes, it’s tiny, unexpected details that need to be changed in translation.

At MTT, we’ve been providing translations of technical press releases for over 40 years, so we’re more than used to the tweaks and changes that can occur in translation. For instance, imperial measurements usually need to be converted to metric, or acronyms might change to a translated or country-specific equivalent.

Recently, however, one of our translators advised that a name be changed for a translation, since it had a less than savoury meaning in Italian. Our client was more than happy to take our translator’s advice in this instance, and the press release was translated without a hitch.

Nevertheless, this demonstrates the knowledge that our translators must bring to the table. For our technical press releases, we use translators with engineering backgrounds, who can not only understand the technical content of a press release and who have linguistic skills to bring to their translation – but also who can advise on whether something just might not work in translation.

It’s far better to have these conversations in the translation process than have a nasty surprise when the press release is published!

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