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Packaging Artwork Translations

Packaging Artwork Translations

For packaging artwork translations, there are a few ways that we can process your files here at MTT.

The simplest way is to provide us with the stripped text from your artwork, which we can send to the translator. (Also having a copy of the artwork is usually helpful for reference!) We can then send you back the translated copy for you to use as you need.

Another way could be to send us the IDML or InDesign file. Where typesetting is needed, we can typeset in-house. Otherwise, we offer to check back over a typeset translation if you are undertaking it yourself, just to ensure that there are no errors.

For medical packaging artwork, our policy is to always have the translations proofread too, to ensure the utmost accuracy.

Contact our friendly team on +44 1562 748 778 or send us an email to for all of your translation needs!

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