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Professional Italian Translations from MTT

At MTT our Italian translation professionals can provide translations both from Italian into English and English into Italian. We specialise in technical, marketing and legal documents however we have a wealth of experience and can translate any type of document including websites, subtitles, exhibition panels, technical manuals and more.

We were delighted to receive a 95% “Excellent” customer satisfaction rating in our 2017 customer survey.

Our customers recognise the importance of accuracy first time. Take a look at our testimonials - you can rest assured you will be in good hands.

About Italy and the Italian Language

There are over 85 million Italian speakers across the world, in countries as diverse as Brazil (1.5m), Canada (661,000), Venezuela (440,000), Australia (363,605) and Belgium (250,000) as well as Italy, Egypt, Switzerland, the USA.

This global language, still closely linked to Latin, can be seen as the base for all modern Romance languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese and English. Italian is the official language in Italy, San Marino, Vatican City and western Istria. Italian was adopted by the state after the Unification of all its 20 regions by 1871 although local dialect is still used.

Italy has always been known for its beautiful architecture, fashion, food, history and art. It has some of the world’s most ancient tourist resorts, dating back to the time of the Roman Republic. With over 49 million tourists a year, Italy is the fifth most visited country in the world. The tourist industry alone is one of its fastest growing and most profitable industrial sectors.

Current customers benefitting from our professional Italian translation services include automotive manufacturers, chemicals companies, marketing agencies and legal firms. We also work for agricultural suppliers, engineers, manufacturers and courts.

Why is Italian translation so important?

The Italian language is spoken throughout the world. There are very few places which are so rich in history - Italy has a lot to offer.

The country is one of Europe’s biggest economies and is home to some of the world’s best-known car manufacturers, including Ferrari, Lamborghini and Fiat. Italy also produces more wine than almost any other country. Milan alone boasts dozens of household names such as Armani, Versace, Prada and Dolce Gabbana.

There are numerous trade opportunities for businesses of almost any type including aerospace, petrochemicals and energy. Italy is a key market for companies looking to expand their horizons and export new products. Our exhibition services are also a key service for exporters – we offer banners, brochures, business cards, flyers and more together with an interpreter for your stand.

What qualifications do our Italian translators hold?

At MTT our Italian translators and interpreters are a passionate bunch, who form a significant part of our business. They all hold a degree or higher level qualification and are fully committed to providing translation excellence. Our Italian translators are professional, astute and courteous, offering unrivalled translation accuracy and interpreting precision.

How will Midland Technical Translations work with me?

At MTT we are proud to provide you with a hassle-free, high quality professional service for Italian translations.

If you’re looking to translate Italian into English or vice versa, it’s easy to get started. Just forward us your document for translation via email to or contact us on 0844 856 1086!. We’ll analyse your files, and will quickly provide you with a quotation for your approval. Once the document has been translated by our mother-tongue speakers, MTT will check it in-house before returning it to you to meet the agreed deadline.

MTT will assist you every step of the way. Furthermore, your feedback is very important to us and we welcome any comments you may have.



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