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Professional Turkish Translations from MTT

MTT are one of the UK’s friendliest specialist technical translation services and are proud to offer Turkish translation as a key language service. Over the years we have built up dedicated teams to handle our specialist areas of technical, marketing and legal translation.

MTT will ensure that your documents are translated to the highest standards, using only mother-tongue linguists with suitable experience to ensure both accuracy and style.

The Turkish culture and economy

The Turks are a hospitable and welcoming race. Turkish is an official language of Turkey, Northern Cyprus and Kosovo, and is a minority language in Macedonia and Romania. There are approximately 63 million native speakers worldwide. Turkey is the fastest growing country after China and India.

The Turkish culture has undergone profound changes over the last century. Today, Turkey may be the only country that has every extreme of Eastern and Western culture (along with many compromises and fusions between the two). Turkey forms an invaluable bridge between Europe and Asia. The Turkish economy is thriving and Turkey’s rich cultural heritage is also unique.

According to Sac’s ‘The World in 2050’ report Turkey will be the world’s 12th and Europe’s 5 biggest Economy by 2050. The average GPD growth rate is 5%. Turkey is also one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world and the country plays an important part in global gas and oil supply. The leather processing industry is an important sector of the Turkish economy, too.

Turkey is one of the world’s biggest markets with a population of 76 million, half of which is below the age of 30. Istanbul and Ankara are amongst the biggest cities in the world. According to a list of Word’s Billionaires there are 43 billionaires in Turkey, 37 of whom reside in Istanbul.  It’s a country to be taken seriously and one where trade can bring many advantages.

Why Use MTT’s translation services for Turkish translation?

Our English to Turkish and Turkish to English translators are professionally qualified linguists translating exclusively into their native language. With a 30-year track record of delivering accurate technical translations by linguists who really know their subjects, MTT have helped companies trade in Turkey from sectors as diverse and challenging as mechanical engineering, automotive, process manufacturing, nuts and bolts and water processing. Documents that we have translated for our clients include technical specifications, machinery installation reports, health and safety documents and press releases.

At MTT our translators have the right qualifications and background to enable them to quickly grasp what is required and create flowing translations which effectively give the message of the original in a suitable style. We also have the resources to provide translations in various formats including Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe PDF or InDesign. Just let us know when you ask for a quotation and we’ll add typesetting on to the cost if applicable.

If you require Turkish translation services, please contact us on and we would be delighted to see how we can help. Quotations are always provided free of charge, generally within in a couple of hours.

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