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Professional Swedish Translations from MTT

Swedish is a popular language for translation here at MTT and we are proud to work with a wide range of excellent native speakers, providing quality Swedish translation services. We work both into Swedish and from Swedish into English, using native speakers for each.

About Swedish

Spoken by 10 million people across the globe, Swedish is the official language of Sweden (9.5 million) and Finland (290,000), and there are also an estimated 67,000 Swedish speakers in the USA, 16,000 in Canada and 40,000 in the UK.  Swedish is one of the 23 official languages of the European Union and one of the working languages of the Nordic Council.

Influences on the Swedish language have come primarily from Latin, German and Danish. The Swedish alphabet has 29 letters, using the basic 26-letter Latin alphabet plus the three additional letters Å/å, Ä/ä and Ö/ö.

It is useful to note that Norwegian, Danish and Swedish people can normally understand each other, but Finnish is completely different. Swedish is a North Germanic language and has some commonality with modern German.

About Sweden

Sweden is a competitive mixed economy, with main industries including motor vehicles, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals. Approximately 90% of all resources and companies are privately owned with a minority of 5% owned by the state.  Notably over the last six decades Ikea has become a major retail experience in 40 countries/territories around the world. In 2007, IKEA Haparanda opened the most international IKEA store yet. It is uniquely placed on the border between Sweden and Finland and has a catchment area that also includes Russia and Norway.

Swedish translation projects handled by MTT include technical reports, finance documents, medical texts and contracts. If you have a similar requirement or are looking to partner with a Swedish company, we are well placed to assist.

MTT’s Swedish translation team

At MTT, we provide translation to and from Swedish using only highly qualified native speakers who are often experts in their chosen field – be that legal certificates, steel production or consumer advertising campaign materials. At MTT with a wealth of expertise over a diverse range of sectors, we provide a cost effective and flexible solution to meet your translation needs in Swedish. 

We don’t believe in machine translations. Technical translation requires specific terminology and specialist human knowledge. A poor translation can make the information hard to follow; an error in translation could cause a reader to misunderstand the instruction and misuse the product.

At MTT we will offer you peace of mind. Over the years MTT have helped many manufacturing businesses of all sizes produce everything from technical datasheets and manuals through to websites and brochure translations. We love working with companies of all sizes, both in the UK and abroad, helping them communicate with contacts and customers, regulators and prospects.

If you’d like to know more about our Swedish document translation services and Swedish interpreting services, just give us a call now on 0844 856 1086 or drop an email to We’d be delighted to help.


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