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Professional Polish Translations from MTT

Do you require a professional, hassle-free translation from either Polish into English or English into Polish?

Look no further than MTT - we are a leading language service provider, offering translations, proofreading and localisation across of variety of fields including technical and legal documentation.

Our team of experienced project managers and expert linguists will provide your business with the utmost quality and accuracy for your Polish document translation projects. 

MTT specialise in technical, legal and marketing translations, however we also have extensive experience with projects for exhibitions, typeset brochures, voiceovers, websites and subtitling.

Some Interesting facts about Poland and the Polish Language

There are approximately 40 million native Polish speakers in the world, and although the majority are based in Poland, the language has spread to countries as diverse as UK (500,000), Canada (243,000), France, Australia and Brazil as well as Ireland, Argentina, Israel, Germany, Belarus, Lithuania and the USA. Polish is a minority language in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine.

Among the Slavic languages, it has the second largest number of speakers after Russian.

Poland is the sixth most populous state of the European Union.

At MTT we understand the growing demand for Polish translators and interpreters in the UK. Many Poles have migrated to Britain since 2004. The Polish language is the second most spoken language in England and the third most spoken language in the UK after English and Welsh.

The main industries in Poland include manufacturing in the automotive industry, food processing, banking, and construction, however the growing sectors and best opportunities are in IT, finance, HR, business services, and management. British businesses are keen to develop relations with Polish firms, creating an increasing demand for professional Polish translations.

What kinds of businesses need Polish translations?

MTT provide Polish translations for many types of businesses, including legal firms with clients who do not speak English, HR departments employing Polish staff or engineering companies looking to create manufacturing links with Poland for example. Logistics companies needing driver instructions in various languages including Polish need accurate, clear translations to avoid accidents as do manufacturers of medical products for the Polish speaking market.

If your business is looking to expand into Eastern Europe, or if you wish to make the most of existing contacts there, having professionally translated and accurate Polish documents, manuals and press releases is extremely important.  MTT is here to help you every step of the way with reliable, creative and cost-effective solutions to your translation and interpreting needs.

Our Polish Team are familiar with Culture and Localisation

Our team are familiar with the cultural aspects and the localisation rules which help us ensure that only the most professional translations are provided and that the right message is relayed.   

All our translators and interpreters are educated to degree level or hold a higher qualification. Our linguists are highly skilled and are highly experienced within their subject sectors and meet all the high standards you would expect from your translation company. At MTT our linguists only translate into their mother tongue to ensure accuracy and style.

MTT the agency with a difference!

MTT are proud to offer customers a reliable, friendly service. We pride ourselves on our accuracy, speed and cost-effective solutions for your translation and interpreting needs.

We treat all of our projects as confidential and are happy to sign a specific NDA if the situation requires.

To get started, simply email us your documents to and our team will analyse your project and provide you with a quotation. If you wish to proceed, we’ll select the best matching translator, taking into account their subject expertise, availability, and style to ensure our professional Polish translations meet your target audience’s requirements.

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