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Professional German Translations from MTT

At MTT, we provide professional translation services from English to German and German to English.

Our specialist German translators are highly qualified native speakers and experts in their chosen field. They can provide you with translation or interpreting for any technical, marketing, website, legal, voiceover and subtitling, exhibition or proofreading project.

At MTT we received a 95% “Excellent” satisfaction rating from our 2017 customer survey. We are always proud to provide our customers with the best service possible.  Read our testimonials - you will know you are in good hands.

About Germany and the German Language

German derives most of its vocabulary from the Germanic branch of the Indo- European language family. Some words come from Latin and Greek and small portion are borrowed from French and English. German is the third most widely taught foreign language in the US and the EU. It has three noun genders, (masculine, feminine and neuter), four grammatical cases and is perhaps one of the trickier languages to interpret as the verb is sometimes left to the end of the sentence.

German is an official language of six European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein), although it is spoken across the globe: there are 1,850,000 German speakers in the USA, 910,000 in Brazil, 500,000 in Poland, 460,000 in Kazakhstan…the list goes on! It is also one of the three working languages of the European Union, along with French and English.

There are differences in the German used in North Germany and South Germany, and again in Austria and Switzerland, in particular when it comes to legal German translations. German is also a very formal language, so it’s wise to make sure your German translations are accurate and not overly familiar as it’s easy to create the wrong first impression. A professional translation is always going to look better than a quick Google Translate!

Why is German translation so important?

  • With the benefit of its central position in Europe, Germany has the third largest economy in Europe. The demand for accurate German translations is rising and this is something we have definitely seen here at MTT.
  • Germany's achievements in the sciences have been significant, and research and development efforts form an integral part of their economy.
  • There are around 1,300 breweries in Germany, more than any other European country!
  • Germany is renowned for its famous brands: BMW, Porsche, Audi, VW, Opel and many other popular car brands.
  • The country is proud to entice tourists with its remarkable scenery, history and traditions. Whether it’s drinking lots of beer at Oktoberfest or walking through the gorgeous paths of the Black forest, there is something for everyone in this amazing country.
  • Germany is also one of the leading countries in developing and using green technologies and leads the way worldwide in the field of vehicle emissions reduction.
  • Together with the USA and Japan, Germany is one of the world’s most active nations with regard to patents for nano, bio and new technologies.

 What qualifications do our German translators hold?

At MTT we are proud to provide our clients with an in-house service to translate German into English from our native speaking German project managers. We also have a large database of translators and interpreters who can cover any other English to German translation requirements you may have, whether your document is technical, medical, legal or within the marketing sector

Our team of German translators each hold a degree or higher qualification as a minimum and also have a wide range of experience in each of their chosen specialist areas.

Why choose MTT as your translation company?

Whatever your industry sector, specialisation or expertise requirements, at MTT we will provide you with quality German to English or English to German translations.

There are numerous websites that offer easy translations, including Google Translate which will translate words for free. There are however significant drawbacks to using these services, as a machine translation engine can never be as accurate as an experienced, professional human translator.

MTT is here to help you every step of the way. We are a reliable and friendly company who will provide you with speedy, cost-effective solutions for all your translation and interpreting needs.

Contact us now: simply email us your document or call us and our team will ensure your project is handled professionally, efficiently and accurately.

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